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Reunion sex,” he said. “Nothing like it.”
“Hotel sex? Sex on the roof? And what about that time in the back
of the squad car?”
“Oh, right. You know I’m very sorry to hear the NYPD is retiring
the noble Crown Victoria from the fleet. Fuel economy is one thing.
A spacious and, might I say, firm, backseat is another.

Raging Heat, Richard Castle

That sound you hear is thousands of fangirls whispering ‘I knew it’. 

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Really though, my jaw dropped when she said that. Cause. I mean, I knew it, but to read that it actually happened…damn

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Espo and Ryan’s faces when they read this though

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I just keep picturing Kate insisting it’s just fiction, because “some things Castle writes still are.” And they just. Don’t. Buy it.

I’m betting it was Kate’s idea too

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